1.) Factors for the Agricultural revolutions (high medieval period)
2.) What were the results?
3.) What sorts of commercial activities?
4.) What did the Europeans want from the eastern countries?
5.) What changed after the expansion?

ad 2.)
1.) What were the impacts of towns and their economic acitivities?
2.) What is a guild?
3.) What is an appretinceship, journeyman or master?

ad 3.
Vitality of Medieval Religious Life
1.) education of the priests?
2. ) be able to name Christians who made a difference
3.) What were the goals of the popes
4.) Name a couple of the famous religious movements
5.) Why did the Crusade start?
6.) Why did so many people join?

7. What kind of impact did the Crusade have on Europe?
8.) Describe the German crusade in the Baltic region?

1. Babenbergers were famous for
2. What does a marchgrave mean?
3. Name the familes that ruled Carinthia
4. What does Ostarrichi mean?
5. The name of the first Babenberg in Ostarrichi and who was Henry Ja-so-mi-Gott
6. Friesach during the high medieval period
7. what was the terrible Interregnum?
8. Explain the beginning of the Hapsburg? (Ausländer)
9. Draw the foundation of Austria
10. Dra a Romansque and Gothic church and name 10 terms